Skateboarding in Madagascar

After the Disney pixar film entitled Madagascar, the country located on an island off the east coast of Africa gained international popularity and recognition. However, like many Disney films there is an element of magic and imagination behind the film. What many people forget is that this country actually exists and people actually live there. So what is actually like?

Seen in the video above, Red Bull has sent a group of skateboarders to explore the country of Madagascar on boards and created a short film series from it. What happens in these films are almost as magical as the Disney pixar films. Not only had this group probably been the first to skateboard on the streets of Madagascar, the impact it had on the local community was huge.

Everywhere they went, crowds of people gathered in the streets to watch the shows that they put on. It was the exposure of Western culture that made these films so significant. These skateboarders became idols of the children in the region and provided entertainment for the adults.

Baobabs © Lev Maslov. 2015.
Baobabs © Lev Maslov. 2015.

In the second part of this short film series, the crew explores to the beach village on the Mozambique Channel called Morondava. Here they explored the beauty and wonder of the Baobab trees in Madagascar. According to the natives, there are only 10 species of this tree in the entire world, 7 of which are found on Madagascar. In addition to understanding the unique ecology of the country, the boarders spent time trying to teach the kids of this remote village to skateboard, leaving a lasting impact on the community of this area.

In terms of the Cosmos exhibition, this is a great example of a modern day representation of art in Africa. Where the majority of the African Cosmos exhibit explains ideas that we have learned by studying historical African cultures, this video shows the opposite. What is seen within this video series is the education of Madagascar’s youth by those who are truly passionate about what they do. The mix of Western culture and African culture allows for a powerful outlet of creativity and the chance to learn new things about the world in which we all live on. This film series symbolizes the coming together of all types of people and cultures from around the world.


Leungc. “Foggy Skating in Madagascar in “Melodies for the Lemurs” Part 2.” Hypebeast. Red Bull, n.d. Web. 15 Apr. 2015.


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