Oldest Tools Discovered in Kenya

Recent news has come out about how archaeologists claim to have found the oldest tools made by man in Kenya. This is crucial information in understanding many different aspects of our history. The stone tool is estimated to be around 3.4 million years old. According to sciencetimes.com and Science magazine, this tool outdates the previous oldest tool by 700,000 years.

This is just the beginning in the search for more information of early human tool making capabilities and intelligence. Thanks to the researchers who found this, we can now search the vicinity to better understand truly what it was that set us apart from all the other species on this planet.

ScienceTimes.com. Jon Du. 2015.
ScienceTimes.com. Jon Du. 2015.

According to lead researcher Sonia Harmand at Stony Brook University, “”The artifacts were clearly knapped [created by intentional flaking] and not the result of accidental fracture of rocks.” What’s more, she claims that the discovery of these tools were actually accidental and they were actually looking for fossils of ancient human relative species.

Not only does this finding break previous archaeological records, implications from this find affect the way we interpret history, geography, and science. For one, this discovery allows for evidence and the knowledge humans had the cognitive and physical abilities to create and use tools to their own benefit. Furthermore, this supports that Africa was the home of the earliest intelligent human beings. This gives insight to the migration patterns and lifestyles of the earliest humans. What’s more, if humans were able to event tools like this and it was found by accident, there is a good chance that this is not the only tool that was used 3.4 million years ago.

This finding proves that Africa has arguably one of the richest and most important archaeological histories and geographic locations. In terms of the African Cosmos art exhibit, this is further evidence that the verbal and visual representations of the many tribal cultures around Africa are extremely valuable in understanding the world from a unique perspective. Although no more than a rock, the symbolism in this finding makes waves in fields of modern day science and archaeology.


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