Welcome to the World of the African Cosmos

Jantjes - untitled

My name is Derek Liu and as a Freshman at Emory University College of Arts and Sciences, I am immersed in a culture where cutting edge research meets creativity. This semester I have been given the unique opportunity to pursue the study of the African Cosmos. After learning what this exhibition is all about, I hope you too will be able to see the bridge connecting the sciences to the liberal arts in a fashion very rarely seen in national universities around the word.

This exhibition is one of the first to link the study of African art and African astronomy. Surely, many civilizations have similar fields; however, the beauty of the African Cosmos is its enormous depth of knowledge in a culture that is commonly overlooked when considering technological and artistic advancements. Thanks to Dr. Christine Mullen Kreamer, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African Art provides a variety of artwork and artifacts that allows individuals to delve into this largely unexplored topic.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a personal insight on how this exhibition has impacted my perception of the world. As an individual with absolutely no experience in the fields of art history or astronomy, I will guide you through an opportunity to learn about the African Cosmos with my own twist on how I interpret this study.


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